• Let righteousness
    dominate our conscience...


- A world that is dominated by “Sagduyu” (righteousness).
- A Leading Turkiye: respected, most beloved and most powerful and example in its governance and righteousness.
- High levels of inner peace, righteousness and social well being in both national and world citizens.
From a character trait called “Sagduyu” (righteousness), which;
- exists in the essence of every good, which encompasses universal values,
- in its presence emerges true happiness and in its absence emerges oppression,
- is indispensable in all times and conditions and
- summarizes in one word our goals as well as our method
We define Sagduyu (righteousness) as sum of virtues that arise especially by these three traits:
One pre-condition is required for these three to have an effect; that is:
PASSION FOR SAGDUYU: We desire Sagduyu, like a thirst for water in a desert, not only for ourselves but for all people, for our country and the world.
FEELING OF RESPONSIBILITY AND DESIRE FOR FULFILLING OUR RESPONSIBILITIES: This desire for Sagduyu brings us the responsibility of doing the best of we can. We want from the heart to fulfill our responsibilities with all our strength.
CLEAN INTENTION: We do not assume any self or group interest.
THE ONES THAT WE STAND AGAINST: We believe that opposition among parties should not be formed by diversities in religion, ideologies, race, lifestyle choice etc; we can most certainly live together in peace as Christians-Muslims, liberals-statists, Turks-Kurds, Russian supporters or Iran supporters… We define the ones we oppose or stand against in the axis of respectful-not respectful, ethical-not ethical, cruel-not cruel… in short the ones possess Sagduyu - the ones does not.
COMMON POINT OF OUR DEFINITIONS OF LIFE: Sagduyu first demands us to make a definition of life. Because a person who can define what life is can have full wisdom; in other words can understand itself and its surroundings correctly, can give meanings to its existence in inner-self, society and world around it. Like wisdom, the other two traits that keep “Sagduyu” up is also directly related to the definition of life: it cannot be other than definition of life that leads a person to be constantly just and morally upright against various feelings of greed and self-interest.
Our common point of life definition is the struggle in being a “good person” in this path to bring real happiness, reverse to bring misery.
Political line-ups in theory: political positioning in classical theories are determined according to the degree of state’s intervention in the economy and individual life.
Political positions in practice: in our country it is more valid to determine political positions according to party’s point of view towards two elements; religious values (Islam) and nationalism (Turkish nationalism), the two elements that so far our definitions of this nation is made upon.
THE AXIS THAT WE ARE GROUNDED ON: we think that there are more important position indicators than parties' being liberal, statist, nationalist, right wing or left wing. First of them is their independence. Second is how much of “Sagduyu” they have within their thinking, views and applications.